Stem Cell Treatments


...the Most Advanced Stem Cell Face Lift Procedure

The Institute of Regenerative Medicine is proud to announce the arrival of our newest and most advanced Cosmetic Stem Cell procedure, StemBeautiful. This entirely unique and proprietary aesthetic procedure combines the best and newest technologies into one treatment. The combination of using a patient’s own Stem Cells in combination with powerful Growth Factors and proteins achieves the ideal cosmetic results for you.

StemBeautiful is based on the power of Stem Cells and their ability to repair, restore and regenerate skin and tissue. These powerful cells are harvested from your own body, purified, and combined with Growth Factors selected from your blood. The Growth Factors act as fertilizer for the Stem Cells, providing the ideal environment for growth and regeneration. What makes this procedure even more unique is the addition of special Cytokine proteins. Cytokines are the body’s messengers, allowing cells to communicate with each other. It is this communication which is needed for the Stem Cells and Growth Factors to succeed and provide the ideal outcome.

While Stem Cells, Growth Factors and Cytokines are at the heart of the StemBeautiful procedure, we also utilize the benefits of Botox and Fillers. Depending on the expert opinion provided by our Aesthetic Medicine specialist, Dr. Jaime Rosenzweig, Botox and Fillers may be recommended to achieve the perfect look.

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